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2022.11 Universal Interactive Club (UIC)

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Welcome to the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!

Universal Interactive Club", an event aimed at cross-cultural exchange, was held for the first time at "Hiyodamari House" in Kitanagoya City.


What is UIC?

Foreigners who come to Japan often belong to their own communities in their own countries, and there is not much exchange with people from other countries. With this in mind, we launched "UIC" to provide a place where people can learn about each other's culture and expand exchanges regardless of nationality.

What's the event about?

The theme of the first event was "food," and people from each country cooked and introduced "Ugandan," "Vietnamese," and "Japanese" cuisine.


We made Vietnamese "Pho" and "Vietnamese fried spring rolls", Ugandan "beef stew", "chapatti" and "cassava", and Japanese "onigiri".

They were curious about unfamiliar ingredients and cooking methods, asking questions and helping each other with the dishes they were preparing.

Since it was necessary to make enough rice balls for the number of participants, everyone worked together to make them.

Of course, some of the participants were making onigiri for the first time, so they worked together to make many onigiri while learning how to make them, how to make them, and how to make them.

A dance party was held in the middle of the event, and all participants seemed to enjoy themselves as they learned about different cultures.

We are the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!



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