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2022.09 Communication Cafe Report

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Welcome to the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!

In collaboration with "NPO Ahirukko" based in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, we held a "Communication Cafe" at Ufukuji Children's Center in Kitanagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

We were able to share our respective cultures through songs in English, and we were also able to interact with new participating members and the children.


The Japanese Cafe (Japanese language class) was also held, where daily conversation and the experience of writing letters with a brush pen were very popular.

Writing letters with a brush is becoming less and less of an opportunity, even for Japanese people. Everyone seemed to enjoy writing letters, making it a great event.


We will continue to hold exchange events.

We are the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!



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