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2022.08 Communication Cafe Report

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Welcome to the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!

There are people of different races, cultures, and ideas in the world.

"Communication Cafe" is held every month as a place where people of various backgrounds can get together and communicate.

The main theme of Communication Cafe is language exchange, including teaching each other English, Japanese, and the native language of the people gathered, with teaching and learning Japanese as an important theme.



Most foreigners who come to Japan encounter language barriers in their daily lives and in finding employment.

The Japanese language is difficult to learn because it is a difficult language from a global perspective, and without understanding the Japanese language and the current situation in Japan, people gradually fall into difficulties in their lives.

As part of GLOBAL CITIZEN's efforts to improve such a situation, we hold a Japanese language study session twice a month.

We will continue to hold events with the aim of creating a society where those who come to Japan can live in peace.

We are the GLOBAL CITIZEN !!



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